About this film

What is this film called Love? is a passionate, 77 minute poetic documentary about the nature of happiness. Filmed in Mexico over three days, for just £10, it begins as a film about the soviet director Sergei Eisenstein, and then, using his ideas, opens up to look at memory, landscape and the pleasures of walking. It is a personal film and aims to be very cinematic, using three visual dream sequences, and the music of PJ Harvey, Simon Fisher Turner, Johnny Cash and Bernard Hermann. The film draws from a range of filmmakers and writers – principally Chris Marker, but also Virginia Woolf, Frank O’Hara and others – but aims to touch on themes that are relevant to a wide range of people – where joy comes from, the emotions involved with travel and homecoming, and the nature of solitude.

Telluride Toronto 2011 What is this film called Love 3

what is this film called Love? received its World Premiere on 26th June 2012 at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

One response to “About this film”

  1. Leigh Clark says :

    If you know anything about Mark Cousins, you know already that this film has quality written all over it. I cannot wait to see this. Hopefully it will have tonnes of explosions in it and loads of CGI, then it will make it to a cinema near me. Best of luck with it. I have no doubt at all that What is This Film Called Love will be absolutely incredible.



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